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Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health®

Endorsement Annual Renewal

In order to renew the CT-AIMH Endorsement® annually, the following is required:

  • On-going membership in CT-AIMH or another infant mental health association
  • 15 clock hours of training related to culturally-sensitive, relationship-focused practice promoting infant mental health
  • CT-AIMH also strongly recommends that professionals at Category II, III, & IV (Clinical) receive on-going reflective supervision/consultation. (Please note: As of January 1, 2019, CT-AIMH will no longer "strongly recommend" on-going reflective supervision/consultation, but will require it. Please, see the Reflective Supervision/Consultation for more details, or for further clarification contact the Endorsement Coordinator.)

Note: There is NO yearly fee for renewal. It is only required that you maintain your membership to CT-AIMH (including yearly dues).

Endorsement renewal is due at the time of membership renewal, by Jan 31 of each year.

  • To renew CT-AIMH membership, please go to the Membership Registration on the left-hand panel of this website.CT-AIMH memberships can be individual or organizational.
  • To renew IMH Endorsement®, please fill out and return this FORM, by January 31, each year.

Failure to renew your CT-AIMH Membership and/or failure to submit your IMH Endorsement® Renewal Form will result in you being removed from the CT-AIMH Endorsement® Registry.